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In October 2019, when Postwar approached LinkUp Connect with his music, it was clear to all involved that there was something special about to hit the scene. In January 2020, after partnering with LinkUp Connect’s management team, Postwar released an underground single, “I’m Not Okay”. This hit single has been added to over 20 Spotify playlists and has been accumulating 1000+ streams daily since its release in January 2020. Postwar has collaborated with the likes of: ITSOKTOCRY, smrtdeath, shea, Uthoria, and Myazwe. In the four years Postwar has existed, he has performed over 100 shows and gone on a solo North American tour.




Stemming from a background in Noise & Hardcore, Postwar brings forth a raw, introspective to Hip-Hop with a pop flair that has caught the attention of his hometown, Winnipeg, Canada. Postwar began writing music at the age of 15, while recording using a free editing software in his parent’s laundry room. His diverse skill set is self taught from having beats, mixing, and mastering services at his disposal. Years later, after Postwar had found and mastered his unique sound, he was ready to begin putting out work for the public’s consumption.

In 2019, Postwar was officially unveiled to the world. He released two albums, two EP’s, and dozens of singles over the span of the year. Postwar established his place in the Hip Hop scene, making it clear that he was here to stay. Everything ranging from Trap bangers to R&B smooth jams were all on the table for Postwar; and he was ready to make it all his own. With the help and support from members of Winnipeg-based artist collective "Styx City Cult”, Postwar was able to showcase his talent across North America. 

His upcoming project, “PrettiBoi”, delves deep into the psyche of an artist just getting their first taste of adulation and fame. The album also illustrates the struggles and strength it takes to control one’s self-confidence, in order to remain level-headed and grounded. Unwarranted opinions, beef, addiction, relapse, and heartbreak are all topics that Postwar has never shied away from. These topics are thoroughly explored within the project through diverse production and catchy hooks.


Check out his latest single, “Gone”.



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