Growing up as an Ethiopian in South Central Winnipeg, King Mookz discovered his love for hiphop at an early age. He developed deeply rooted connections with local hiphop artists on the scene. King Mookz started writing raps at age 18, but did not begin releasing music until years later due to self-induced uncertainties. He wanted to ensure that he had perfected the craft before unveiling himself as a rapper to the world in 2020.


King Mookz draws inspiration from Method Man and Red Man. He also considers Lil Wayne and Biggie as two major players who have impacted and influenced him as a rapper. King Mookz has an unorthodox musical style. He doesn’t shy away from expressing himself through his unfiltered, cut throat or witty lyricism. King Mookz’ has an infectious and charismatic personality that can be heard and felt through his music.


The first single King Mookz dropped was entitled “Razorblade” (prod. by incepshun). Myazwe (LinkUp artist and longtime friend of King Mookz) heard the track before it was released, loved it, and encouraged him to drop it. From that moment onward, King Mookz has been grinding nonstop in the recording studio. He proceeded to drop “Talk My Shit”, which was written, recorded, and produced in a day, as a reaction to a messy break up. King Mookz coped with the discovery of an unfaithful ex by expressing how he felt in the moment with an honest and unfiltered freestyle. 


Since unveiling himself as “King Mookz”, he has dropped multiple singles, landed a feature on Postwar’s PrettiBoi album and is currently working on a mixtape with Myazwe. Future aspirations for King Mookz include: following his parents’ entrepreneurial ambitions and continuing to create relatable hits for the public’s consumption. 


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