Growing up as a Sierra Leonean in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Trish discovered her love for music at an early age. She began songwriting at the age of 6 and playing the piano at the age of 7 at the Yamaha Music School. Her biggest musical influence (and idol) at the time was Alicia Keys. Throughout her youth, she performed in piano recitals, talent shows, school musicals & participated in cultural/hip hop dance. 


Trish’s most notable musical inspirations include: Ciara, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. She also draws inspiration from Kehlani, Brandy and Jasmine Sullivan. Trish is best known for her catchy rhythms and beautiful harmonies that she accompanies in her songs. With her exceptional vocals, Trish has showcased unmatched versatility when it comes to songs with swaggy, upbeat, and melodic tempos. 


On July 24th 2020, Trish stepped onto the scene with her first release entitled “Flawless”. The song quickly generated momentum, accumulating up to over 1,000 streams in the first week of its release. She proceeded to dropping her next single, “It’s Too Late” in September followed by a music video shot by Vince Tang. As the year progressed, she released another single entitled “Peace of Mind”, which spoke on the mental well-being of an individual coming out of a hard breakup. Trish joined forces with Myazwe for the single “Confess" in December of 2020, which got playlisted on Spotify.


To kick start 2021, the R&B star in the making dropped “Fall Again", which gained over 100,000 streams in less than 2 days of its release on Audiomack. In early March, her Valentine's Day anthem “Gimme Love” (ft. Jaspi Namg) made it onto the popular radio station, VIBE105 in Toronto.


Trish strives to uplift and empower those who listen music, while simultaneously 

creating hits that are relatable and catchy.  Trish is currently focused on building her catalogue of music and further perfecting her craft. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from our R&B superstar, Trish!