Hailing from West London, UK, 7RIX (pronounced “trix”) brings forth a sophisticated approach to hiphop with his clever lyricism and infectious melodies. The brilliant rapper/singer/songwriter fell in love with music at the tender age of 6. 7RIX believes music is not only the best way, but only way he can truly express himself. From writing poems in elementary school, later progressing to raps on the playground, 7RIX has always had the urge to perform in front of his peers. He has a pure passion for music and lyricism, which lead him to a recording studio by the age of 16. 


7RIX draws inspiration from artists such as Lil Wayne, Skepta, Tinie Tempah, Jay Z and Coldplay. He was also heavily influenced by Eminem and his unique rhyming patterns. When 7RIX began writing his own music he focused on perfecting complex rhyming patterns, not only with the last words, but also the syllables throughout a sentence. 


While mastering his talent for rhyming, 7RIX developed a keen ear for melodies. “When writing my songs, I let the beat speak to me. I find the melodies and fixate on a flow. I freestyle to find the right pockets because the lyrics are the last piece of the puzzle. I take my time to make sure I use the perfect words to draw you into my world. No word is a filler and every last frame serves a purpose.” - 7RIX


7RIX describes his style as “trap myrical”; lyricism laced with melodies on bouncy trap beats. He also possesses a modern versatility that allows him to showcase his talents on any type of beat. He has a diverse audience as he makes music that is reflective of real life experiences. He doesn’t typically speak on topics that exclude others unless it’s for educational purposes. His main listeners include teenagers and young adults who are drawn to his catchy trap choruses. 


7RIX is a man with a vision to spread his message and share his melodies to the world. 7RIX has an upcoming project entitled “Lost Summer”, which is the first step in his new chapter. The singles “Three” and “Live” brilliantly merge his clever lyricism with infectious melodies. Stay tuned for this incredible project!


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